We’re going for growth


Keeping the Food Chain Growing

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a massive impact globally. Things that were unheard of 7 months ago are now part of the norm. Sadly, lives have been lost and we have all had to adapt and change the way we live and work to cope with the new norm.

The past six months have been challenging for all businesses. We have worked hard to ensure our business operates safely and continues to perform our vital role within the food supply industry. Our staff have been key to our success in achieving this. They have been flexible and hardworking, supporting each other and ensuring the work gets done. We have ensured those working from home have the right equipment and we have created a Covid safe environment in our offices.

The video below explains in more detail about our growing business and how we continue to move forward in these challenging times.


Maintaining business throughout COVID-19

We are working closely with both our suppliers and our customers to ensure we all succeed and that, complemented by our new developments, our company continues to go from strength to strength.


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“At Cefetra it’s people that make our business. We see the building of long lasting relationships as the key factor in achieving success.”

Andrew Mackay — Managing Director Cefetra Ltd