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Cefetra is delighted to introduce our new product portfolio, a new range of high-quality fertilisers designed to suit your needs.
To find out more about our new product, please get in touch with your local Cefetra Grain Buyer.

Reasons to use our fertiliser

1. High Quality Product

Our fertilisers are produced using high quality ingredients, ensuring minimal dust and maximum coverage

2. Full UK Coverage

All products are readily available for UK wide delivery all year round

3. Up to date, Competitive Pricing

Our prices are constantly reviewed to ensure we can bring the best product at the best price

Types of Fertiliser we offer

Ammonium Nitrate

Cefetra offer Ammonium Nitrate of the highest standard. We only source material from the very best manufacturers who deliver consistent high-quality Ammonium Nitrate. Ammonium Nitrate is ideal to use throughout the fertiliser season.

Granular Urea

Granular urea is a granulated nitrogen fertiliser containing 46%N. A cost-effective alternative to Ammonium Nitrate. Spreads accurately up to 36 metres with the correct settings. We also offer a protected Granular Urea using Limus® from BASF which can be applied independent of weather conditions as it effectively prevents nitrogen losses. Limus® protected urea is the only urease inhibitor with two active ingredients, minimising ammonia losses, ensuring greater availability for crops and higher yields.

Prilled Urea

Prilled Urea is a white and a free flowing prilled fertiliser ideal for application with a pneumatic spreader or for liquefying.

Compound Fertiliser

Our extensive range of trusted Nitrogen Sulphur Compound fertilisers are manufactured to tight specifications to ensure a consistent high-quality product is delivered to your soil.

Straight Fertilisers

Straight fertilisers comprise of various nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and magnesium. Whether you’re preparing the ground before you start planting this year’s crop or you would like to stimulate more yield and growth from your existing crops, we have plenty of fertilisers for you to choose from.

Blended Fertilisers

Blends are a combination of nitrogen, phosphates, potash and sulphur which will provide your crops with the right nutrient when they need it. Our blends are oil coated to provide a dust-free and free flowing product, assisting shelf-life and spreadability.

If you are unsure of which fertiliser would be most effective for you, then it’s best to ask for the product information sheets and discuss with your agronomist. We are always on hand to answer any additional questions you might have.