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For customers

With extensive experience and expert knowledge of the market we know how to meet your needs, organising efficient supply chains.

We import and supply a wide range of products and cater for a diverse range of industries including animal feed, food and drink, biofuel and biomass.

With a range of successful working relationships with key players, we can guarantee to meet your needs at every opportunity by securing the best quality products available at competitive prices.

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Welcome to our new look customer website portal. We offer enticing benefits on using our new look 24/7 portal. Here are some of them:

  • Instant & secure user access to all your open contracts, deliveries & invoices on line
  • Immediate download of all invoices & credit notes showing on your debtor statement
  • Get your store collection reference on-line in minutes
  • Obtain your last 180 days collections in excel format
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  • Where live store data exists, see your own arrival and departure times
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Cereals – barley

  • Feed barley
  • Malting barley
  • Rolled barley

Cereals – oats

  • Feed oats
  • Milling oats
  • Naked oats

Cereals – wheat

  • Feed wheat
  • Milling wheat
  • Waxy wheat
  • Rolled wheat

Cereals – maize

  • GM Maize
  • Non-GM Maize
  • French Maize
  • Ground Maize

Pulses – beans

  • Feed Beans
  • Human Consumption Beans

Pulses – peas

  • Green peas
  • Yellow peas
  • Blue peas
  • Maple peas


  • Non-GM (CERT ID) meal
  • Brazilian Hi-Pro meal
  • Paraguayan Hi-Pro meal
  • Any Origin Hi-Pro meal
  • Any Origin Low-Pro meal
  • GM/Non-GM Soybeans

Proteins and Oilseeds

  • Rapeseed
  • Rapeseed Meal/Expeller
  • 36% Protein Sunflower Meal/Pellets
  • 32% Protein Sunflower Meal/Pellets
  • 29% Protein Sunflower Meal/Pellets
  • GM/Non-GM Soybeans

Cereal By-products

  • Maize Gluten Feed
  • Wheat Gluten Feed
  • Maize DDGS
  • Wheat DDGS
  • Wheatfeed meal/pellets
  • Oatfeed

Fibre and NGFIs

  • Sugarbeet Pulp Pellets
  • Soya Hulls Pellets
  • Citrus Pulp Pellets
  • Palm Kernel Expellers


  • Soya Oil
  • Palm Oil


  • Biomass products
  • AD Plant inputs
  • Protein Concentrates
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Ports and storages

With over 39 storage sites and 20 ports across the UK and Ireland, we can ensure that your product is delivered efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing product safety and traceability.

Click on the map to see details of our port and storage sites.