About us


About us

Cefetra Ltd is one of the major traders of grains and animal feed raw materials in the UK and Ireland.

With long-term arrangements at strategically selected import facilities with a specialised network of suppliers, objective market analysis and a trusted approach to quality and sustainability, we’re ideally positioned to meet customer requirements whilst reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

We dispatch between 85,000 – 90,000 tonnes of raw materials to industry partners every week and deliver 750 – 850 lorry loads per day.

We have circa 1 million tonnes of storage capacity supported by state of the art processing technology and the best expertise in the industry.

Through a tailor-made approach, using our network of suppliers and objective market analysis, we create real value for our customers whilst reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

Our products are used for animal feed and throughout the food and drink sector. We supply products to food producers in sectors including dairy, beef, lamb, poultry, pork, salmon, beer, bread, biscuits, breakfast cereals & pet food.


Company history

Cefetra’s roots can be traced back as far back as 1778, when we were known as William McCorkell & Co.

William McCorkell & Co developed its business over many years, progressively expanding the agricultural products it handled. In 1985, and known as ‘McCorkell Limited’, we began importing animal feed materials into Lisahally, Northern Ireland from multiple origins around the world.

We initially expanded our outreach further through Ireland and then in 1992 established McCorkell Scotland Limited as the dedicated supply chain manager for Scotland and Northern England.

In 1999, Cefetra BV, a trading firm based in the Netherlands, invested in McCorkell Scotland resulting in the creation of Cefetra.

In the years following we received further investment from German agri-business BayWa, providing us with access to global supply chains and we now operate within one of the top agri-businesses in Europe.

In 2015, we acquired Wessex Grain – a farm grain buying business trading across the south and south-west of England – to expand our presence throughout the UK and develop into a major agri-service company in the UK and Ireland. Through the acquisition, our business division ‘Cefetra Grain’ was created and we increased storage capacity by a further 70,000 tonnes while strengthening our existing co-operative relationship with farmers.

In February 2018 Cefetra Ltd acquired Premium Crops, Hampshire based leading provider of premium and specialist crops in the UK. Premium Crops focuses on High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR), spring and winter linseed, red wheat, canary seed, millet and naked oats. The acquisition further enhances Cefetra’s capabilities to purchase grains and oilseeds direct from UK farmers.


Cefetra — Part of BayWa

Cefetra has access global supply chains and a financially strong, experienced network through our investments from other areas within the group.


BayWa is a group with worldwide operations in the agriculture, energy and building materials, and innovation & digitalisation development sectors.
The agriculture segment of the group provides a wide variety of trading and other services for the agricultural and food industry. The range of services includes the international trade and logistics of selected agricultural commodities, as well as the sale of operating resources and feedstuffs. BayWa covers the entire value chain – from the field to the marketing of produce – making it one of the leading European trading companies with a global reach.
In early 2016, BayWa acquired full ownership of Evergrain KG – a company that specialises in international trading with malting barley – expanding its national and international specialities business, and taking a leading role in the malting barley trade.

BayWa’s annual turnover is now in excess of €15 billion and the group has a very strong financial position with extensive farm grain origination operations in Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary.


Cefetra across Europe

Cefetra has several office in Europe. You can find us in England, Scotland, Austria, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.

Cefetra Ltd

In order to be able to source a wide variety of raw materials, Cefetra has carefully built up a global network of producers and now ships raw materials – including grains, protein and co-products – from all over the world to North-West and Central Europe.


Culture & Values

Our mission is to create real value for our customers while taking a socially responsible approach to business, being diligent towards people and the planet.

We place great emphasis on the sustainability of both our suppliers and customers, developing a business that can deliver profitability on a consistent basis.

The cornerstone of Cefetra is our partnership approach, and through fostering a culture of co-operation we have grown significantly and developed many strong relationships.


Looking for a career at Cefetra?

We’re always interested in hearing from ambitious, passionate and hardworking professionals.


If you’d like to join our team working for one of the UK’s leading agribusinesses, please send your CV to: careers@cefetra.co.uk

“At Cefetra it’s people that make our business. We see the building of long lasting relationships as the key factor in achieving success.”

Andrew Mackay — Chief Executive Officer, Cefetra Ltd