Cefetra Grain and Premium Crops: The best kind of partnership

Cefetra Grain and Premium Crops: The best kind of partnership

17th July 2023

A partnership that began in 2018 when Cefetra acquired Premium Crops.

What do Premium Crops do?

Premium Crops focuses on High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR), spring and winter linseed, red wheat, canary seed, millet and naked oats. The acquisition was seen to enhance further our capabilities to purchase grains and oilseeds direct from UK farmers. Each year the partnership grows stronger and stronger.

How does the relationship work?

Cefetra Grain Farm Buyers and Premium Crops Agronomists have been working closely with a drive to act as an effective tool for knowledge exchange, including meetings with different Cefetra offices to offer regional agronomic advice. This knowledge on the growing of niche crops helps the Cefetra Grain Farm Buyers improve their relationship on farm and offer unique contracts to growers which competitors cannot. The Premium Crop Agronomists also go out onto farm with the Cefetra Grain Farm Buyers to aid discussions regarding variety choice and best agronomic practise, this has been successful in securing new business.

Premium Crops have also seen great success in attending the regional farmer-based events hosted by Cefetra Grain across the country. From Edinburgh to Kent and several in between, Premium Crops’ presence at these events has acted as an excellent opportunity to discuss contracts and agronomy for their portfolio of crops.

Interest in record high premiums for HEAR Oilseed Rape sparked conversation at all events. The Cefetra Grain Farm Buyers network coupled with Premium Crops agronomists informed farmers about the best contract and agronomy options specifically to suit their farms.

The North and Midlands saw an increase in enquiries around Winter Linseed, with a drive to lengthen rotations coupled with successful trials, this crop is now a profitable option for farms in the North of the UK.

Conversations in the East and South were predominantly around late sown Spring cropping options with Spring Linseed and Canary Seed at the forefront. This is mainly due to the rotational benefits of effective grassweed control in rotation along with the difficulties in growing Oilseed Rape in these regions.

Cereals 2023 was the pinnacle of these events, with Cefetra and Premium Crops sharing an excellently managed stand which looked near perfect, drawing a range of farmers onto the stand for both discussions in grain and break cropping options.

If you want to know more about Premium Crops or Cefetra Grain, then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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