Cefetra selected as marketing partner by Crop Marketing Groups

Cefetra selected as marketing partner by Crop Marketing Groups

5th April 2024

Cefetra, a leading player in the agricultural market, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Crop Marketing Groups Ltd (CMG) from the upcoming harvest season (crop 2024).

Following a detailed selection process, Cefetra has been chosen to spearhead grain marketing activities for CMG starting from harvest 2024.

Comprising of over 300 members spread across 10 regional groups, CMG entrusts Cefetra with the vital task of grain marketing partner.

Established in 1970, Crop Marketing Groups operates through its regional committees, ensuring each member has a voice in the pool price process. Transparency is key within CMG, with committees regularly updated on sales to avoid any surprises at the end of the pool period.

Andrew Bullock, Chairman of CMG, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, stating, “We are pleased to appoint Cefetra Grain as our marketing partner. We look forward to collaborating to drive growth for CMG and our members.”

Simon Wilcox, Manager of Farm Grain Origination at Cefetra Grain, emphasised the company’s commitment to maximising returns for farmers amidst market volatility. “We are delighted to partner with CMG during this critical period. We understand that during the review process, our prices were consistently higher, a testament to our trading strategies.  We pride ourselves on our collaborative partnership approach and intend to work with CMG to significantly grow the membership and committed tonnage,” he stated.

Cefetra’s domestic grain origination business, initiated in 2015 with the acquisition of Wessex Grain, has expanded nationwide, positioning the company as a trusted partner with a strong local presence in all regions. This scale advantage brings added benefits to CMG and its members.

If any farmers are interested in joining the CMG group then please contact Cefetra at CMG@cefetra.co.uk

Contract signing L-R, CMG Vice Chairman Tom Finchett, CMG Chairman Andrew Bullock and Cafetra Farm Grain Origination Manager Simon Wilcox.

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