What's Cefetra Ecosystem Services?

Cefetra has partnered with Soil Capital to provide farmers a way to receive payments for climate positive farming practices.

Initially, payments are linked to CO2 reductions and removals which is independently certified.

We provide a complete program from guidance, data handling, certification to payment.

The program is flexible and adaptable to suit your circumstances.

We create a program for the long-term which keeps up to date with legislation.

Change on farm and time invested are kept to a minimum.

At the same time verification and certification
are transparent and designed to meet all leading standards.


Cefetra acts as a bridge between customers and farmers to address scope 3 emissions.


We facilitate the methodology and certifications needed to ensure trust and making payments to you.


We create the tools and solutions to support in your transition to generating income from sustainable agriculture.

To learn a little bit more about Cefetra Ecosystem Services, watch our videos below.

More about Cefetra Ecosystem Services programme

About the Cefetra and Soil Capital partnership

Why Ecosystem Services is good for farmers?

Why Ecosystems Services is good for consumers?

Cefetra initiated this program as a supply chain manager aiming to work with customers and suppliers on the transition to climate positive farming.

Cefetra will search for innovative sustainable products and services which support this aim.

For more information on Cefetra Ecosystem Services, please get in touch with one of the Cefetra team today by emailing ecosystemservices@cefetra.co.uk or complete the form below.