Flintham Ploughing Match

Flintham Plougham Match

4th October 2023

Cefetra Grain proudly participated in the Flintham Show in September.

On September 28th, Cefetra Grain proudly participated in the Flintham Show. Unfortunately, our trusty vehicle faced a bit of trouble the night before, but thankfully, the organisers were quick to lend a helping hand. We were delighted to welcome both new and familiar faces to our stand at this bustling one-day event.

The Flintham Show is an annual gathering held in South Nottinghamshire. It rotates among local landowners, who take turns hosting the event. The show enjoys strong support from the local farming community, and even participants from as far away as Cornwall made the journey to showcase their horse ploughing skills.

The roots of the Flintham Show date back to 1912 when a bet was born at the Flintham’s Boot and Shoe public house. This wager led to the inception of the Flintham and District Ploughing Match. A small committee was formed to organise a competition among the village’s young lads, challenging them to plough an acre of land with finesse to earn both pride and a monetary reward.

While ploughing remains a central focus, the Flintham Show offers a diverse range of attractions. Visitors can witness ploughing and horse ploughing competitions, as well as hedging contests. Craft tents and various children’s competitions add to the event’s charm. A livestock area and an educational tent, featuring farming relics from the past, round out the offerings.

Each year, selected schools are invited to experience the Flintham Show, providing children with a valuable learning opportunity about farming and food. Themes may vary, but key topics such as ethically sourced food, wildlife habitat preservation, and the importance of understanding where food comes from are consistently addressed. It’s a chance for children to gain insight into these vital aspects of our agricultural world.

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