Cereals 2023 Event Round-up

Cefetra’s Unforgettable Experience at Cereals

26th June 2023

Last week, we had the privilege of attending the highly anticipated Cereals event.

The atmosphere was electric as industry professionals and farming enthusiasts gathered to share their expertise and gain insights into the latest agricultural trends. While the event may have been quieter on the second day, the first day saw a steady flow of people.

The experience provided us with a valuable opportunity to connect with farmers and exchange knowledge on crop cultivation practices from around the world.

We had a wide range of people come onto the stand, it was great to talk to them and hear their perspectives on how the crop is looking.

We saw many new farmers on the stand and with the friendly members of staff there to aid, hopefully they will be starting to trade with Cefetra into the coming year. It wasn’t just new farmers, we met farmers that have been trading with us since covid but hadn’t had a chance to meet their farm buyer, this was the perfect opportunity.

The stand itself looked smart and professional, with a good spread and plenty of space. The team were happy and it was a good opportunity to network within the company. It was great to see everyone laughing and enjoying catching up.

On a personal note, attending Cereals was an incredibly rewarding experience. Interacting with a diverse range of individuals, from seasoned farmers to newcomers, it reaffirmed the values and ethos of Cefetra. The event not only solidified our position as a leading grain merchant but also highlighted our unwavering commitment to our farming community.

As we look ahead, we anticipate that the connections made at Cereals will flourish into meaningful partnerships, with many new farmers potentially choosing to trade with Cefetra in the coming year.

Written by Emma Walsh a member of the farm buying team from the Kent office.

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