Cefetra and NatWest Cultivate a Sustainable Tomorrow

Cefetra and NatWest Cultivate a Sustainable Tomorrow

31st January 2024

A Groundbreaking Collaboration for Agricultural Innovation.

Cefetra is thrilled to unveil an exciting new collaboration with Lombard (part of NatWest Group), a prominent figure in the UK’s banking sector, specialising in business and agriculture. This innovative partnership is set to break down financial barriers for farmers transitioning to sustainable agricultural practices, marking a significant milestone within Cefetra’s newly launched Cefetra Ecosystem Services program.

Tailored to the unique needs and opportunities within Cefetra’s supply base, this collaboration leverages NatWest’s asset finance arm, Lombard, to provide crucial financial assistance to farmers. Aligned with Cefetra’s commitment to reducing Scope 3 emissions and enhancing biodiversity through an ecosystem-based approach, this initiative is developed in collaboration with Soil Capital.

Recognising that the shift to sustainable farming often requires substantial upfront investments, the collaboration aims to alleviate financial burdens associated with acquiring new equipment and implementing advanced practices. NatWest, through Lombard, is introducing a groundbreaking initiative in the UK, offering additional financial support to Cefetra Ecosystem farmers, making essential changes more accessible and viable.

This partnership goes beyond mere financing; it represents a vote of confidence in the sustainable future both organisations are diligently building. It is a testament to the shared belief that economic growth and environmental stewardship can coexist harmoniously.

Aligned with Cefetra’s mission to bridge the gap between consumer demand for sustainability and on-the-ground farming practices, this collaboration empowers farmers to adopt regenerative practices essential for soil health, long-term resilience, and productivity.

James Neilson, Head of Supply Chain at Cefetra, emphasised the significance of this partnership, stating, “With the current challenges posed by an increasingly unpredictable climate, the imperative to adopt regenerative agricultural practices has never been more critical for the resilience of the farming industry. Our commitment extends beyond supply chain operations; we’re actively engaged with our growers, industry partners, and customers to ensure the sustainable and long-term success of agricultural practices across the UK.”

Cefetra’s dedication to sustainability is underscored by various initiatives, including Ecosystem Services certification processes, ISO14001, and EcoVadis gold status. Together with NatWest, Cefetra is not just investing in agriculture; they are investing in a future where farming is synonymous with environmental responsibility and economic sustainability. Join us in shaping a tomorrow where agriculture thrives in harmony with the planet.

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